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tv   FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX News  November 13, 2011 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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christhey talk about the super committee negotiations. that's it for us. >> chris: i'm chris wallace, a child sex abuse scandal rocks penn state. lend der football coach joe paterno is fired and students riot. what about the young boys who were victimized? we'll discuss college sports and morality with tom corbett and frank other harrah and student body president, t.j. bar. and ten days and counting for the deficit field deadline. will they reach a compromise? we'll get the latest from two members. pat toomey and james clyburn.
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a fox news sunday exclusive z rick perry's 53 second oops moment during a presidential debate. we'll ask our sunday panel about a g.o.p. race that's now wide open. and our power player of the week, turned a new kind of t-shirt in a billion dollars a year business, all right now on "fox news sunday." >> chris: hello again from fox news in washington. this weekend the penn state football team took the field without joe paterno for the first time in 46 years. he was fired after a scandal about a former assistant coach allegedly abusing young boys, some on campus. in the stadium thousands wore blue instead of white to express sympathy for the victims. we'll talk with former penn state football great frank owe
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harris and the student body president. as governor, you're a member of the board of trustees at penn state that voted to fire joe paterno but never gave a reason why other than to say you're going a new direction. why did the board vote to fire joe paterno? >> chris, i believe the board voted to fire both paterno and president spanier because they lost confidence in their ability to lead. i said that a number of times over the course of this weekend. >> chris: what's specifically in paterno's actions led you to that loss of confidence? >> those are deliberations of the board and i'm not going to o go into the deliberations. i agreed with the board's decision, a unanimous decision, that based upon all that appeared before them, that the ability to lead penn state
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through this time and into the future, they no longer had confidence in him to do that. >> chris: governor, these are just allegation, joe paterno, who spent half a century at penn state, didn't have the opportunity to offer a full defense. why not let him finish the season and retire. >> there were deliberations part of the board of trustees and those are questions for the chairman and vie chairman of the board of trustees. i'm just a member of the board. i gave them one statement, i had one sentence that i gave throughout the entire period of time in the deliberations. that this: we have to remember the children. and i think a lot of it has to do with that. >> chris: i'm not sure, governor, why you're a member of the board of trustees, a voting member. you voted to fire paterno, you're the governor of the state. why are you being so secretive
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about your own feelings? >> my feelings are pretty well known. >> chris: about paterno, though. >> chris, i started this investigation. i have a responsibility to see that the investigation continued. i did as governor. i have a requirement to make sure we protect the children of pennsylvania. that's my focus on this as to the actions of mr. paterno, the attorney general made a determination that he had not at this point in time done anything that would be a criminal nature. but in my opinion, when you don't follow through, when you don't continue on to make sure actions are taken, i lose confidence in your ability to lead. that would be the case here. >> chris: let me follow up on that because penn state and paterno, it's fair to say, were considered models of what is right in college football, the
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team motto for the football team is success with honor. and yet in this case, the coach and school seem to have been more concerned with protecting the program than the eight boys jerry sandusky allegedly abused. >> i have to sit back and look at what happened. you all will make your determinations and conclusions based upon what you see. what i saw was a failure to act. and i always have said your actions speak lauder -- louder than your words. that should not have been able to continue. i have to be careful what i say because i'm under an ethical obligation as to what i can and cannot say but the failure to act, while not criminal, caused
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me not to have confidence in the president and in the coach. >> chris: i'm asking you a more general question, sir. how did the penn state program and the whole college seem to go so far off the tracks when this had been held up as a model of what was right in college football? >> that's the -- the internal investigation by rod erikson and ken frazer, my secretary of education, ron tamallas, that's what they're to determine. i can't answer that question. if i knew, i would give you that answer but that investigation is to be gone and to make a determination of why, when reports were made, there was no follow-up. what happened? is it caused by a fear of reporting? is it caused by a lack of
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understanding that this kind of stuff -- i can't imagine that -- that this kind of action needs to be reported to law enforcement authorities and to be reported up the chain? is it a fear of a harm to reputation to an institution? that is the -- i think the goal of ken fraser and his committee. >> chris: that's talk about second mile, the charity jerry sandusky helped form for disadvantaged kids that gave him access to the boys. should action be taken against the charity or the c.e.o. to allegedly was told about some of these abuses as far back at 2002? >> again, keeping in mind there's an investigation, a state attorney general investigation ongoing, i have to be very careful here. the attorney general's office has a charity section and i'm sure they'll look to see what happened at that point in time. that needs to be done.
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there needs to be a determination of what was communicated from the executive director of that association to the board members and chairman of the board. and i believe that that association, that organization, is going to have a meeting here today or tomorrow of the board members to determine what the future is of the second mile. it's unfortunate that the purpose of the second mile was a great purpose. if you talk to people who have worked with the second mile, it has done great work. and if it should cease to exist i'm hopeful other organizations will pick up the work that they did. we need to reach out to these children and give them guidance. but in this case, as the allegations indicate, some of it was used to pick on some children and the terms used grooming. groom those children for
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mr. sandusky's purposes. >> chris: finally, we have about a minute left, there's been talk, nothing more than talk, about more victims or the possibility that others were involved in abusing these kids. can you assure the people of pennsylvania and the nation that this scandal is over or is it possible that there's more to it than we now know? >> well, as the attorney generals says, it's an ongoing investigation. i don't get the details to that investigation because i'm no longer attorney general. but in locking at other cases like this, it would not be uncommon to find other victims. because when the word gets out, when people understand that authorities are actually doing something about this, that they may be believed, then more people come forward in other investigations. if i'm to speculate, i wouldn't be surprised if we had more victims come forward. that's why the attorney general and state police put up numbers for people to call if they've
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been a victim. >> chris: so this scandal may be bigger. >> there could be more victims. >> governor corbett, we have to leave it on that chilling note. thank you for coming in to talk with us. >> thank you very much. >> chris: so how are current and former students reacting to the scandal? we want to bring in penn state alum and pittsburgh stealer great, franco harris and peter bars, who is a student on campus. panko, you blasted the board of trustees for showing a lack of courage. i want to play comments made by the mother of one of the victims in this case as well as the comments of joe paterno reacting to his firing. let's watch. >> he didn't know what to do. i didn't know what to do and you can't tell jerry no. >> we still have things to do. i'm out tv maybe now, a phone
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call put me out of it but we'll go from here. >> chris: franco, joe paterno may have followed the letter of the law or complied with it by informing his superior but on a moral basis -- and on the end was fired not on a legal breach -- shouldn't he have called the cops when he heard of this abuse or followed up when he told the athletic director to find out where the investigation stood? >> let me go back just for a minute. as you know, there was a grand jury investigation. and at the end of that investigation, they found that joe paterno cooperated fully with them and had good testimony and there was no charges against joe paterno. and then all of a sudden -- all of a sudden something came out
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about a moral obligation, and everybody jumped on that. everybody said it should be a moral procedure, there should have been a moral procedure and like that's subject to people's own train of thought with that. so like i thought that was very unfair and i think it is unfair how people were treating joe with this issue. joe is a highly moral person, a great moral character so it's disturbing to go me that when someone said that everybody else jumped on this. >> chris: let me bring in tj bard. you're the head of the student government but speaking for yourself, did the trustees overreact in firing joe paterno? >> i don't know. i think it definitely has been hugely emotional especially for the students but also the trustees and there's a lot of
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information that we as students don't know. and it's been a frustrating time and confusing time for us. at the end of the daytime will tell if the trustees made the right decision. i worked with them before and they have and always will have the best interest of the university at heart and i trust their judgment. >> t.j., has head of the student government, you spoke to your fellow students on campus thursday. the day after the rioting. let's take a look at some what have you had to say. >> we watched as mayhem filled a false sense of community. we must support each other, believe in each other and stand united during this trying time. >> chris: t.j., how would you assess the mood on campus now? is there more outraging over the abuse of the kids or more outraging over the firing of joe
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paterno? >> i think after the -- the day after the riots i described it as the calm after the storm. at this point i think the students really have been focused on the victims, bringing attention to the victims and their families and trying to do everything we can to make sure justice is found for them. ed statistics are amazing. 3,000 were proximated to participated in the riots after joe paterno's firing and 10 to 20,000 students participated in the candlelight vigil and that's not including the blueout at the football game or hundreds of thousands of dollars raised by students and alumni for child abuse victims so the attention turned to justice for the victims. >> chris: when you read the grand jury report, it's just all of. when you see the rioting on wednesday on the campus at penn
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state, it seems that a number of people -- i'm not focuses on paterno -- but it seems a number of people were and are more concerned about football, more concerned about the football program at penn state than they were the victimization of these kids. how does that happen and how do you fix it? >> well, i think that happened because of the press. and they've focused on joe paterno, went after joe paterno, rather than putting the focus on the kids. let me go back just for a second here about the board. when they mentioned that the board had leadership, it doesn't really meet my definition of leadership. everyone knows that in business and in politics, that when a crisis happens, you know, they do program 101, like to me, it's nothing that showed leadership
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or anything bold. that is that you just get rid of everybody. and you don't -- it doesn't matter about what is true and not true or anything like that. what you do is just cut everything, and that's what i mean when i said the board didn't show leadership or guts. they just did 101 and i'm disturbed about that. i also want to say, i talk about the rioting at penn state. i heard there was only a couple dozen out of over 2,000. >> chris: all right. we're going to have to leave it there. thank you both so much. thanks for joining us today. obviously we're going to follow the events there at penn state. next, the congressional super committee remains deadlocked over cutting the debt and time is running out. an inside look at the negotiations from two key members when we come right back. [ male announcer ] drinking a smoothie with no vegetable nutrition?
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>> chris: the congressional super committee has ten days until november 23rd to come up with a plan to cut the deficit by $1.2 trillion otherwise, automatic cuts including $600 billion from the pentagon. we'll hear from a top democrat on the committee but first senator toomey, who offered a compromise. where do things stand ten days out? where are talks now and what do you think are the realistic chance of a deal by a week from wednesday? >> let me are clear. the clock is running out but it hasn't run out yet. we have time but no time to
11:21 am
waste. i stayed here this weekend as most of my colleagues did to continue the various discussions. it's important we be successful and i intent to work as hard as i can. >> where are the talks right now? >> it's at a difficult point. i think we've got a ways to go. but i hope we can close that gap quickly. >> chris: again, before we get to your plan, what are the stakes? if you fail to make a deal, if november 23rd the super committee comes up empty and the automatic triggers come in, what do you think the impact is on the markets, the economy and u.s. credit rating? >> there will be further erosion in what little confidence remains of our federal government. this has a dysfunctional senate for the year i've been in office and this is an attempt to make important progress. it would only being the first of what needs to be many steps because we've dug a deep hole.
11:22 am
>> chris: you offered a plan that week that breaks with the republican pledged not to raise tax revenue. let's drill into the plan. you would cut the deficit $1.2 trillion, which is the mark that is supposed to be met by the super committee, with $700 billion in spending cuts and $500 billion in revenue increases. on the revenue side, you get $250 billion by limiting deductions, especially for top earners, in exchange you lower tax rates, the top rate from 35 to 28%. question, why are you breaking with the g.o.p. pledge not to raise taxes in the middle of a bad economy, and how many republicans do you think will go along with you? >> first of all if i were king, this is not the plan i would put on the table but if we went to our respective corners and had no flexibility, we would not get anything accomplished much the plan i put on the table is contingent upon pro growth tax
11:23 am
reform. all bipartisan commissions, gang of six and others acknowledged if there's going to be more revenue it has to come in the context of pro growth tax reform. this is guaranteed to create millions of jobs and more revenue. the other reason to make a tough decision like this is in the alternative, we're 13 months away from the biggest tax increase in american history. that's written into law. >> chris: the bush tax cuts. >> that's right. what we've suggested, as an alternative to an economy-destroying tax increase around the corner, reform, simplify the code, lower the rates and have the economic growth that comes with that. as we lower the rates and contract the value of deductions we're willing to generate more revenue to reduce the deficit. >> chris: democrats rejected your plan because they say that the money that would be lost by
11:24 am
lowering those tax rates, basically 20% below the bush tax cuts, would cost over $3 trillion to the economy and the money you would lose is more than the money you'll get from closing the tax loopholes. >> that -- >> chris: a anytime loser. >> that's not true. i could -- as i said, we did not invent this. this was an idea suggested by the simpson, bowles commission. they want to raise taxes more. if you go too far and create too much revenue you can do economic damage but you can do this in a way that's pro growth, generates more revenue and avoids a huge tax increase that's otherwise coming. that's the direction we should move in. >> the president says if the committee fails and automatic triggers go in effect including $600 billion in cuts to the pentagon, he says i'll veto any
11:25 am
measure that ends the trigger. we're going to go ahead with those. do you agree with him? >> i don't think -- first of all i'm not giving up on getting something done. i think we can and i'm going to do everything i can to achieve that but in the unfortunate event we don't it's likely congress would reconsider the configuration and consider is this the best way to do it? that will be a lively debate and the nature of those cuts -- the cuts have to occur but maybe in a different fashion. >> chris: i want to bring you back to penn state, the subject in the first segment because you were a senator from pennsylvania and urged that joe paterno be given the congressional -- the presidential medal of freedom. you've rescinded that support. why did you rescind the support and do you think the trustees were right to fire him? >> it broke my heart to have to rescind that recommendation. but chris, it seems to me there
11:26 am
are very important and disturbing questions about what coach paterno knew and when he knew it and what he did with that information. given the uncertainty around those issues, i couldn't in good conscious continue to recommend he receive the highest award a civilian can receive. >> chris: do you think the trustees were right to fire him? >> that's a decision for them to make but i understand why they came to that decision. >> senator toomey, thank you so much. we'll stay on top of this. now, to the democrats on the super committee and what they're prosing. they wants to cut the deficit $2.3 trillion over the next decade and increase revenue by $1 trillion and cutting spending by $1 trillion and saved $300 billion in interest on the debt. joining us congressman james clyburn who appeared in the seat where pat toomey was. welcome to "fox news sunday."
11:27 am
before we get to the democratic plan, i'll ask you the same question, where do things stand now? where are the negotiation and what do you think are the chances you'll get a compromise in ten days? >> i'm hopeful we will. i feel very comfortable that we will. i am not as certain as i was ten days ago, but i think that we can. we've got ten days to do this. and i really believe that the -- all of the ingredients for a good resolution are there. we just need to develop the will. >> chris: there have been talks, speaking of will, because the committee is charged with coming up with $1.2 trillion in deficit reduction but that was talk of $4 trillion. is that off the table? >> i hope it's not because i am a full trillion dollars guy. i believe that we can do this. in fact, i think in order for us to be fair and balanced, if i might use that term.
11:28 am
>> chris: go ahead, sir. >> we ought to go to a big deal. that way we could do enough job creation in a resolution that would allow us to do some i call surgical fix to say entitlements. i would love to see us put together a deal that increases the possibility of a 75 year solvency for social security. you cannot do that with a little deal. you have to have a big deal to do that. >> chris: let's talk about the democratic plan. not specifically yours but the plan on the table. it offers $1 in spending cuts for every $1 in revenue increases. now, the bowl simpson commission offered a 3-1 ratio. $3 in spending cuts for every $1 in revenue increases. isn't the deal on the table now much less attractive to republicans than the president's
11:29 am
own panel? >> that is a democrat's plan. not the democratic plan. six democrats are on this committee and though i i have a great deal of admiration for all of them, democrats have no not coalesced around a plan. >> chris: isn't that a problem ten days out that the democrats don't have a plan? >> republicans don't have a plan. we're there to develop a bipartisan plan. that's why it's 6-6. i believe we can get to a bipartisan plan. we've got to get realistic about these so-called tax increases. how do you define the close of a loophole as a tax increase is beyond me. if you have someone who is supposed to be paying 30, 35% in taxes yet can find loop hopes not to pay anything and say it's
11:30 am
fair, but it's unfair to close the loophole, i don't understand that. >> chris: that's not the typical situation. say you're in the 35% bracket and take a mortgage deduction on your home. instead of getting the full value of that dedsk, if you have two-thirds, you're paying more in taxes. that's a tax increase. >> that's not all we're talking about. we're talking about a loophole that allows you to go to zero in taxes. it's unfair for us to sit up and say to a person making billions of dollars, we're going to allow you a tax increase -- or decrease of another $300,000 a year while they're going to take away medicare for people living on fixed income. that is not fair. what we ought to say is find a balanced way to do this. let's say to those who are fortunate enough to be in that upper 1% who had 275% increase
11:31 am
in their earnings over the last 28 years, say come on, let's tone this down and put you where you were 28 years ago relative to the rest of the country. >> chris: let me ask you one other thing which the republicans say is unfair about the democrats. it's not your plan but the democratic plan that's out there would count hundreds of billions of dollars in savings from winding down the wars in iraq and afghanistan that would be applied to entitlements. isn't that a classic washington budget gimmick to count savings on money that was never going to know spent in the first place? >> it's much more realistic than the pro growth economy. >> chris: i'm asking about this. counting money from wars that weren't going to be fought? >> we believe and cbo believes there's around $917 billion to be saved over ten years from the
11:32 am
overseas contingency account and we ought to use that savings to plow back into a fix on social security and job creation programs that get people back to work and paying taxes and off food stamps. >> chris: we have about 30 seconds left. i'm not saying you're right or pat toomey is right but i have to say, watching the two of you today, it doesn't sound like there's any progress. you're talking to the democratic talking points, he's talking to the recommend talking points. >> two-thirds of what pat toomey put on the table i'm for. what i'm not for is trying to count something that cbo will not score. we have to come up with a plan that they'll score, not that pat toomey would dream about. it's a dream that if you do this and that it would create dynamic
11:33 am
are growth. that's put down actual numbers, tax cuts, tax increases, entitlement cuts and entitlement increase and find a fair and balanced approach. >> chris: love that phrase. >> i know you do. >> congressman clyburn, thank you. sounds like you have a lot of work to do. >> we do but we have a lot of time. >> chris: a lot of time. >> we have ten days. >> chris: thank you. we'll ask our sunday group about a wild work on the campaign trail and the race for the g.o.p. nomination. t can hell and who ordered the yummy cereal? yummy. [ woman ] lower cholesterol. [ man 2 ] yummy. i got that wrong didn't i? [ male announcer ] want great taste and whole gin oats that can help lower cholesterol? honey nut cheerios. is the pain reliever orthopedic doctors recommend most for arthritis pain, think again. and take aleve. it's the one doctors recommend most for arthritis pain...
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>> if we reelect barack obama iran will have a nuclear weapon. if you elect me they will not have a nuclear weapon. >> there are a number of ways to be smarter about iran and relatively a few ways to be dumb and the administration skipped the ways to be smart.
11:37 am
taking shots at president obama's iran policy in south carolina. it's time for our sunday group. brit hume, fox news senior political analyst, liz marlan is and bill kristol and juan women's. let's start with the latest national polls. cbs news haste has cain at 18%, romney and gingrich at 15%. cain and romney are down, gingrich is up, a new poll has romney at 23% and gingrich 19% and cain at 17%. brit, start with newt gingerich, why is he surging and can he be a contender with very wellly ground game. >> he can continue to compete in
11:38 am
this phase of the campaign which is about the debates. they're on equal footing and newt gingerich does well in debates. he's uncle newt gingrich and dumps all over the president and has substantive things to say and he's found a way to look good. is this conservative element of the electorate, which is not ready to go for romney, migrates from one candidate to the other, each one seems to collapse upon receiving the favor. now newt will have that i say his moment and we'll see how he deals with that and how it affects his chances. >> chris: i was going to say newt gingerich left office in
11:39 am
1998 and voters have forgotten or may not know his who is the, positive and negative. >> there's a question. one of the things that has been said is he has all that baggage but it has been fully aired so the press isn't at interested in bringing it up and people to some extent know about it. he's been doing a lot since then. there's probable baggage we don't know. the tiffany bill came out in the beginning of the race and did a lot of damage. in the last debate they asked what he did for freddie mac. that hasn't been fully answered so there's probably more that will come out about gingrich and to the extent the press feels like rehashing old baggage, extramarital affairs and ethics violations, i'm not sure that's great for him. >> chris: herman cain has clearly survived the initial hit of the allegations against him
11:40 am
of sexual abuse. but he has taken a hit on it and if you look at that cbs poll, you see that a particularly among republican women support dropped from late october from 28% to 15. where is cain right now? >> he's gradually fading. i don't think he's going to go away and he has a lot of loyalty from people who watch him, like him, and he does well but before the sexual harassment charges i wrote that i thought cain would fade and i'm sticking with that. nut has more staying power. newt is the former speaker of the house and leader of the conservative movement and accomplished real things. >> chris: right now people are emailing me and i'll see them, they go crazy saying you and the establishment, you have diminished and dismissed herman cain all along.
11:41 am
he is a serious player and stop talking about an office somebody held 15 years ago. >> fair enough. i very much agree with the last point. this is a forward looking election. what you did as governor six years ago does not matter. watched that debate last night and i think you have newt gingerich and mitt romney capable to be president unlike anyone else on the stage probably is. herman cain has every right to stay in the race and he'll do adequately well, pretty well in iowa and will do well in a bunch of primaries. i don't think he should get out but you asked me opinion and it's going to be mitt versus newt. >> chris: let me switch to the indelible moment of the week, governor perry fer getting the name of the third cabinet department.
11:42 am
he went into full court damage control. watch. >> listen, you try concentrating with mitt romney smiling at you. that is one handsome dude. >> can rick perry survive and get back into the race? >> it's interesting to watch from a politic point of view. it was brilliant to say let's go on all the morning shows and engage in self deappreciating humor. everybody has brain freeze and this will humanize the candidate but the problem -- i especially heard this from republicans this week, he was talking about himself as the butt of the joke. he wasn't talking about ideas, he's not talking about his plans or pushing anything forward. even people like ed rogers, a strong republican, said if you're a money guy and you're thinking i should put more money into perry, it looks like he
11:43 am
might be able to surge, you say i think this is over. the voters themself -- even if you like rick perry, they just don't see it. not that he had a moment of brain freeze, he had the previous problems with the debate and now that confirms it. to use brit hume's language, before he threw up on himself, now it's like he's continually rejournaling -- regurgitating. >> i say stop with that metaphor. >> for any of you eating a meal, we apologize for brother williams's comments. we need to take a break. when we come back, rolling violence at some of the occupy wall street protests. the employee of the month is... spark card from capital one. spark cash gives me the most rewards of any small business credit card.
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god bless them for their spontaneity. independent people, young, spontaneous, it's focused and it's going to be effective. >> chris: that was house democratic leader nancy pelosi offering strong support at the beginning of the occupy wall street moment but in portland, oregon there's been confrontations between protesters and authorities. it's clear, brit, local officials are running out of patience with these protesters and campsites. the camps have increasing health problems, crime issues, some have been violent. in oakland a man was shot and killed. in vermont, a veteran shot
11:48 am
himself. where do you see it headed? >> more and more trouble that you just described and in politic terms, the embrace of it by democratic politician to say include to some extent the president and nancy pelosi is a make. to most middle of the road voters, those who decide elections, this occupy wall street is toxic. it's -- it doesn't -- she said it's focused. i guess it's are brought some attention to inequality but i think that they need to get away from they say occupy wall street protesters as fast as they can. >> chris: liz, having said that, a coalition of unions, big labor, is planning to rally with occupy wall street marches on thursday, called we are the 99%
11:49 am
rallies. given that, is occupy wall street running out of steam? >> i think they're at sort of a critical juncture. on one hand there's a real danger for occupy wall street that et cetera going to start to become more about confronting police and defending turf. to the extent it's about that they'll lose the larger message, income and equality. there's a danger for the protesters if that becomes their focus. that will turn off supporters elsewhere and really get them off message. they do, on the other hand, need some organization and leaders. they've been proudly leaderless from the beginning, a group motivated by the people for the people, et cetera but ultimately if they want to achieve something, they need leaders.
11:50 am
so the extent that he partner with labor, that could be helpful but it's an odd bed fellow in certain ways because you see labor has a certain set of issues and that isn't what is motivating many protesters, kid just out of college who can't pay student loans or get a job. on the other hand, labor has things to over them. >> chris: bill, back to what brook was talking b the politics. nancy pelosi was not the only democrat, at least in the beginning, and you don't hear statements of support now, to embrace the movement, president obama talked about them, giving voice to the frustration, joe biden compared them to the tea party. as we see sanitary problems and people are tired of them occupying private and public parks, is occupy wall street a plus or negative for democrats?
11:51 am
>> i think it's absolutely to tc for democrats and liberalists. think about the mobilization behind president obama in 2007 and 2008. it was law abiding, peaceful and democratic. the tea parties, law abiding, democratic. >> chris: smalley democratic. >> some of it worked and some didn't. it is fundamentally antidemocratic. this is not law abiding, the whole notion of occupy wall street is not a democratic movement of let's participate in the process. the term occupy is markist term for taking over pieces of public or private property, like it or not. we're dividing think country. it's deeply antidemocratic and anti-american and if i were a liberal heartened by the obama
11:52 am
mobilization i would be worried occupy wall street would damage liberalism. >> chris: juan? >> occupy wall street and the proud tradition of american protests and americans taking to the streets to say something is wrong with our politic structure and economic structure, the republicans are saying they're anarchists and in some cases they're right. but you're attracting people who are homeless, veterans who might have psychological issues, you're attracting college kids who can't pay off their loans so they'll gave in juvenile ways. but when the tea party was accused of racist behavior, curing at members of congress, linked to the birther movement and -- everybody says that's not the heart of the tea party. it's small government, lower taxes. if people think occupy wall street is going to be defined by
11:53 am
these clashes with police, they're way off the mark. in fact, right now occupy wall street is more popular than the tea party according to the polls. if you -- let me finish. if you ask people in america, 76% say the economic structure favors the wealthy. 55% say -- >> chris: i want to let bill -- we're running out of time. go ahead, bill. you have 30 seconds. >> because there is a -- there are popular aspects of the -- if i were a liberal i would be terrified occupy wall street would discredit them. >> we have to leave it there. not settled but there's time to talk about it. check out panel -- we'll pick up with this discussion at and post the video. next, our power player of the week. [ male announcer ] cranberry juice? wake up!
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11:57 am
worked for football players and it worked for baseball players, to what a great category. >> they have annual sales of $1.4 billion and 5,000 employees. in addition to spokesman like ray lewis and tom brady. but it started back in 1995 when kevin was a special teams player at the university of maryland who had to change his t-shirt whenever it rained or he sweat a lot. >> once it was saturated a t-shirt can weigh between two and three pounds. >> he took the money from a flower business he started, max'd out of his credit cards and ran it out of his grandmother's house. >> it true you sell it out of your car trunk? >> i would get in a car and i
11:58 am
would drive and sell as many shirts. >> georgia tech bought them and atlanta falcons. >> it was the kind of things i would answer in one voice. speak to the president. under arm, can i help you? >> his salesmanship took a beat only once. >>. >> chris: what do you think of nike? >> let me give you -- i respect my competition. can i get through to say the name nike, no, it wouldn't happen. i don't like them. my son doesn't wear them. my son and family. that is not for us. we are under armor people. >> chris: he has big goals for under armor. they branched out to sports equipment. they outfit hundred colleges including controversial new
11:59 am
uniforms. they are introducing new products like this water repellent storm cotton. >> bone dry. >> he a literally o a man on the run. he takes great pride in success story that he says embodies what is possible in america? >> i love the example we set for people to say this is not the right time. i don't know -- why not? if some football player from maryland can do it, i can probably do it to. >> chris: he now runs a farm once home to legendary racehorse given his track record don't bet against him. that is it for today. have a great week and we'll see you next fox


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